Everyday Carry Competition (EDCC) is a new, defensive shooting sport that will be starting at FBSSC this year.

The purpose of EDCC is to help participants learn and train practical, effective and realistic defensive shooting skills and techniques, using their actual, self-defense firearms and accessories that they carry everyday.
While the format is that of a competitive shooting sport with rules, divisions, equipment restrictions and scores, the emphasis remains on the ‘training’ aspect with the goal to better prepare participants to deal with and survive realistic defensive shooting scenarios.

There is no joining or membership fee.
Matches will consist of 4 to 5 courses of fire with relatively low, total round counts (50 – 60 rounds), to simulate real-life self-defense scenarios.

No competition-specific firearms or equipment are permitted.
Firearms and loading devices must be carried and drawn from concealment, in a manner that accurately reflects the participants everyday dress and EDC equipment layout.

To learn more about EDCC and to download the Rulebook, please visit the website – www.edccomp.co.za

I plan to host the first match at the end of January/beginning of February, with the final dates still to be confirmed and announced, so watch this space.


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