Over the next few months we are planning on tackling the following, subject to material supply and appropriate funding:  

  • Revisions to the Sea View area to create three new (extra) ranges
  • Revisions to the wall between Ranges 2 and 3 as required for the improvement of the MPA range and to improve safety 
  • New Afdak at the workshop to shelter the range vehicles
  • Improvements and expansion of the Tac House range.
  • Division of Range 4 to create two new bays at the berm end (this will not affect the length of the range) 
  • Sundry drainage and water control measures.
  • Amalgamation of Ranges 5, 6 and 7 to form two larger bays
  • Cable ducting for security and camera infrastructure.
  • Concrete slab at front door of the clubhouse.
  • Enclosure of the entertainment/braai area.
  • Deck at club house
  • Door to deck area from club house
  • Insulated roof over classroom
The increase and revisions to the ranges is in response to members requests for more ranges that accommodate shooting to left and right through a sports shooting course of fire, to increase the turning targets on range two, and to generally give the club more ranges.
If you have any constructive input or comments related to the ranges you use please contact your EXCO members directly or via [email protected]

Grant Spolander

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